The foundations make up the basis for the strong, resilient and reliable structure of any building. Therefore should problems occur with the foundations of your property it is important to get the issue rectified as quickly as possible so as not to put the structural stability of the building at risk. We at Alliance Rose Piling are vastly experienced in one of the most effective forms of repair work, underpinning Leicester.

Underpinning the foundations of your property is of paramount importance when poor soil and ground conditions have led the floor surface of the building to move or subside. If this occurs to your property it is vital that you call in our expert team at the earliest opportunity to prevent the risk of extensive, irreparable damage if left untreated for a prolonged period of time.

Once we have discussed the problem and carried out a full survey of the area, we at Alliance Rose will use our background knowledge to inform you of whether minor work can be conducted or a full scale underpinning project needs to be carried out. This will be determined by the severity of current damage, the history of the site your building is situated on and the possibility of any further damage.

Using the latest equipment and innovate technology, we will then begin with the best course of action to suit your particular problem. Using mole type hammers, compressors, dumpers and air winch drop hammers alongside a wide variety of other small plant machinery, you can rely on us to always complete the work to the best of our ability.

We at Alliance Rose Piling always make sure that you are fully aware of each stage of the underpinning Leicester process. Working closely with you, we can ensure that the safety of every party is always prioritised and that the highest levels of underpinning work are adhered to on every project to improve the stability of a wide range of properties.