When undertaking any construction work, ensuring you have solid foundations are essential. However, poor ground conditions can lead to the surfacing of floors in buildings to subside or move, leading to the need for professionals to complete underpinning work to combat the problem. As a reliable contractor, we at Alliance Rose can use the latest equipment and all of our skills to carry out and complete numerous methods of underpinning Wolverhampton to the highest standards.

On a comprehensive study of the affected area, we will be able to conclude whether minor repairs can be completed or if there is a need for complete underpinning foundation work. We have access to the latest equipment available from air winch drop hammers through to compressors and other forms of small plant so that no matter how severe your problem is, we will have all the tools needed to resolve it.

One of the most traditional methods of underpinning is to dig under the existing foundation to an area where firm ground exists before replacing the material excavated with concrete to produce a sturdy, long lasting resolution.

An additional method of underpinning we here at Alliance Rose are adept at is the introduction of concrete beams under the surface and around the foundations of your property to improve its structural stability.

Whatever method is undertaken by our competent team of engineers, you can rest assured that our affiliations with the industry’s accrediting group’s means we are recognised for offering the best services on all work we carry out.

The safety and satisfaction of all the parties involved in our underpinning service is of paramount importance to us at Alliance Rose. Therefore, whichever of the methods used for underpinning Wolverhampton we use at your premises, you can rest assured that it will be discussed with you at length to ensure that you are completely happy and aware of every aspect of the work that we will carry out.